1970’s Sci Fi film with scientist and children who get lost in space and return to earth through a black hole

In the mid 1970’s-early 1980’s, WAVE TV 3 NBC in Louisville, KY would air a made for TV movie around 3 or 4pm during the week. I remember seeing all the classics as a child right after school, “Where Have All the People Gone?”, “The Stranger Within”, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” etc. many, many times as they aired some of the better films multiple times a year. One time during “science fiction week”, I remember seeing a film in which a man who appeared to be a scientist (I seem to remember him wearing a white labcoat or something similar), and at least 2 children (possibly an entire ship full of people but I only remember those people in particular) went out in a spaceship to explore or something, and wound up lost in space. At the end of the film they enter a black hole (which at the time was the first I’d ever heard mention of one before), and after passing through they discover they’re close to earth. I’m guessing it was either a pilot film or a made for tv movie as that’s generally what they would show on the daily movie. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about horror and sci-fi shows and films (my wife and friends would say it borders on obsession), especially the older ones, but this is one I’ve never been able to hunt down.

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    1. WOW how on Earth did you figure that one out?? I thought I’d seen everything connected to Gerry Anderson. Never a million years did I ever think that what I remember seeing was basically a pre-Space 1999 sci-fi special. I remember the “scientist” having a beard and white labcoat (I didn’t mention the beard but I was pretty sure he had one), and I did see it on NBC, so I guess that clinches it. You definitely solved my question! I had some difficulty finding a copy of it but I finally did. Thanks for all your help, this film has literally been in the back of my mind for over 40 years now lol.

      1. This one was easy. I’m like you, I have an intetest in movies from this time period that borders on obsession. This was another one of my movie mysteries that I found later by pure accident! I just wish that I could find my ‘white whale’ , which is my ‘ghost knight’ posting on here and other sites. No one seems to have a clue. Thank you very much for responding.

        1. Do you have a link to your posting, or can you tell me how to get to it? I might be able to figure out what it is, or might know someone else who can figure it out. I’m actually pretty knowledgeable when it comes to TV and films, but there are a few here and there, like this one, that I have such scant memory of that it would have been difficult to find without more details.

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