70’s TV Movie ? Alien man tries to convince girl to help him come through the television to earth

I remember watching an old sci fi movie of the week back in believe the late 1960’s or early 1970’s where a young woman who lived with her parents would go down into the basement and turn on the TV to talk to a man (who was actually an alien from another world)  trying to convince her through romantic means to help him come through the television into her world. I remember the main actress becoming famous on the level of Cybil Shepherd or Candace Bergen, but I can’t remember her or any of  the other actor’s names.

11 thoughts on “70’s TV Movie ? Alien man tries to convince girl to help him come through the television to earth

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the information! I’ve been searching through made for tv/movie of the week lists for a while now and couldn’t find it, I was hoping it might be on youtube. Definitely going to watch it tonight!

    1. Yes, it was definitely the right one! My wife and I watched it last night, it was really good, kinda reminded me of an episode of the Outer Limits. Very creepy ending. I had some other related things pop up on youtube after watching it, so we’ll probably be watching those movies the next few days. There’s another old sci-fi film I’m still trying to find, I’ll have to create another post to see if anyone can remember what it was. Thanks again for all your help!

      1. Thank you tzanaglio. I found some episode of ABC Wide World of Mystery on YouTube as well. I thought this series might have the episode of a movie question that I posted on here, but most of the episodes are lost.

  1. Sorry, that comment was rather unreadable. I wish we had the option to edit our responses, but I was trying to say that I found a couple of good entries from the series Wide World of Mystery on YouTube when I was searching for one of my lifelong movie mysteries which I have posted on here and other sites. This series looks really good, but most episodes are lost. I can only hope to find some old VHS or Beta recordings of episodes, but it’s not likely.

    1. It’s terrible how so many classic TV movies and series were discarded so haphazardly just to conserve storage space of blank tapes.

      1. I’m so glad that I grew up in the 1970s! I mean we only had 5 channels but there was always something good on TV. Today we have hundreds of channels, but nothing but fake ‘reality’ shows, infomercials, and talk! I remember the Million Dollar movie, Movies til Dawn, Nightmare Theater, Black Belt Theater, The Movie of the Week, The Tuesday Night Movie, etc., etc.! What great times those were!

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