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WW2 Movie

Sorry for this probably disturbing question for many but it’s a segment from a film that has been bugging me for a few years.

The only scene I saw was some young nazi soldier standing naked in what I think was a bunker or cell. He faced some men and have the nazi salute, and they gunned him down. I have no idea if the older men were also nazi or otherwise Thats the only scene I saw of the film. Does anyone recognize what movie this scene is from?

HBO Short Feature

This was a short feature I saw back in the 80s when HBO played short features between movies. This was set in England and was about some woman driving home in the rain and picks up some old woman hitchhiker. The whole scene is suspenseful. At some point the gal gets too scared and she ditches the woman in the down-pour. She gets to some place and called her Boyfriend to pick her up. He agrees but on his way to pick her up, he sees the same old woman and picks her up. The film ends with the cars stopping at a red light. The old woman gets out of the car and the car just sits there.

Anyone remember this short feature and its name?

Teen boys executed

Looking for a movie that I saw like 10 years ago. I just remember this one segment where there was these 3-4 teen boys are a lake or creek and some black military guy was aiming a rifle at him. The guy looks to this girl staying off to the side for her approval or something. She nods and the black guy shoots them.

Anyone know what movie this scene was from? I am guestimating it was from the 90’s or 00’s.

English family fantasy mini-series

I am not sure on the date of this one. Some where mid 80’s- early 90’s. It was about a mysterious village that was near a circle of standing stones. All I remember was that there were 2-3 kids (teens) and a father that were trying to figure out some fantasy mystery about the stones and in the end (spoiler alert) the stone circle were actually people turned into stone.


Anyone know the name of this mini series

Old HBO short

I remember back in the 80’s when HBO showed shorts between movies there was one about 2 sound effects guys. It was a split screen where one side you saw the guys making the sound effects. On the other side of the screen was the film; which was about some young guy dressed all in black that was sneaking into a building and gets into a huge fist fight with a security guard, KOs the guard and runs out.


Anyone know the short feature’s name or where to find it?

Animated short

Okay this one is for a friend. So I can not provide any more details than what he gave me

Short cartoon in the 70s-early 80’s.   2 animated black kids (sisters) get scared of something (Maybe a storm) and hide in a closet, so all you see is their eye balls floating about in the dark. They talk about this and that.  The one part of the dialogue goes this way:

Little sister: I wanna piece of candy

Big sister: We don’t have any candy

Little sister: I wanna piece of candy

Big sister: We don’t have any candy

Little sister: I’ll sing….LALALALALA

Big sister: Here, Here is a piece of candy

Any idea what this short feature was?

3 Young Men Executed

Okay I only ever seen this one single part of the film while I was getting ready to leave on vacation.

All I saw was a white girl and a black man standing together by a river. The guy was in military garb of some sort. There were three boys, seniors in HS or college, facing them. I think their hands were tied. The girl gave the man an approving look and he started to shoot the 3 white boys. I think one started to escape and dove in the water but he was still killed. I get a feeling the boys did something to the girl and this is how she got revenge or something. But no one spoke at all in the scene. I have utterly no idea when it was made.

Anyone know the film?

Mormon western???

Okay this one is a little weird. I remember watching this movie like 100 times as a kid but I forgot the name and can not find it at all

It was a western made probably in 70’s or 80s. More than likely a family film. This teen kid was travelling with his father and a band of Mormons to “the promised land” of Utah. Somehow the father died and the kid wandered off, finds some land and builds a house and a small farm. He find a native girl that he falls in love with. She is hard for him to handle and her tribe try to take her back. But she comes around, teaches him her language and helps him fight off a bear, wolves and natives. Eventually they have a baby and the girls tribe sees he is a good kid and leaves them alone.

Any ideas?


Anime Movie?

Okay I saw this movie at a sci fi convention on Long Island NY back in the late 80s or early 90s, never caught the name of it.

All I remember was that it was a ship in space and amid everything else, there was this FAT version of Snow White running about, being chased by (what I can only assume to be) sexually driven 7 dwarves. After that I do not remember anything. Any clues to what anime movie this was?

old HBO short features

Remember back in the 80’s when there was only one HBO channel and when there was a span between movies they were filled with short features?


There was one I can not get outta my head but can not find. It was British made, about a girl that is driving down the rode late night in the rain. She sees someone walking in the road, stops and picks the old woman up. She then spends most of the feature trying to avoid being the hitchhikers victim. The girl stops the car, claims there is something wrong with it and asks the hitchhiker to check on it. when the hitchhiker leaves the car, she floors the car. When she cars to a phone she calls her boyfriend to come and pick her up. The boyfriend drives to get her, sees the same hitchhiker and picks her up. The short ends indicating the hitchhiker killed the guy, as the car just stops at a corner, the hitchhiker gets out of the car but the car never moves.


Anyone know the name of this short or where I can watch it??

Anthology Horror Film

I saw this film back in the mid 80s on cable TV once but never saw the title. It was one of those 3 story anthology films. Not sure if it was horror or drama

The one story was about a guy who I guess was traveling or on the run, not sure. The guy had black hair and was wearing one of this old style ranch Marlboro man coats and a black woven turtleneck shirt. He stops off at a café to get some food. (Not sure what happen with him after that cause I left the room) when I came back he was leaving the café and heading for his car. Then someone from the café (I think a woman) stabs him in the back with a butchers knife. Then she tosses him in a hole and buries him.

The second story of the movie is even more evasive. All I remember is a guy in a lab or garage wearing a green suit and tie with a green trench coat and glasses.  There many have been a third story to the film or more but I did not see them and it ended with this story. I know these are not much to go on.

Musical Animated Aladdin/Sinbad??

This was a cartoon movie that was played on and off on HBO in the early 80’s. It was animated and was a musical. All that I recall at this point was that Aladdin runs into an old man in the market while being chased by guards. The old man starts singing a song “Illusions” as he is casting a spell and makes a rope rise up to the sky, thus getting away.

I have IMDBed and Googled everything I can and can not find the correct movie. Does anyone remember this cartoon at all??


Action movie?

I saw this movie back in the late 80 but never the full movie. the only scene I remember is that there were kids and like 3 women (Sisters??) staying or living in a cabin in the winter. 3 or 4 men suddenly force their way in. the men start shooting and terrorizing the women as the kids hide in a bedroom. When the men are done with the women they bust in the door of the room that the kids were hiding in and start shooting them. I thought it was like a Chuck Norris movie or some other action hero movie but I can not find anything. Does this scene sound familiar to anyone? What was the film name?