HBO Short Feature

This was a short feature I saw back in the 80s when HBO played short features between movies. This was set in England and was about some woman driving home in the rain and picks up some old woman hitchhiker. The whole scene is suspenseful. At some point the gal gets too scared and she ditches the woman in the down-pour. She gets to some place and called her Boyfriend to pick her up. He agrees but on his way to pick her up, he sees the same old woman and picks her up. The film ends with the cars stopping at a red light. The old woman gets out of the car and the car just sits there.

Anyone remember this short feature and its name?

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  1. Mmmm, this was actually solved before by Sandnc, three years ago. I was looking at your other posts and saw the duplicate post from 2016. Sandnc deserves any credit for this one.

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