English family fantasy mini-series

I am not sure on the date of this one. Some where mid 80’s- early 90’s. It was about a mysterious village that was near a circle of standing stones. All I remember was that there were 2-3 kids (teens) and a father that were trying to figure out some fantasy mystery about the stones and in the end (spoiler alert) the stone circle were actually people turned into stone.


Anyone know the name of this mini series

5 thoughts on “English family fantasy mini-series

  1. WOW! Tat was fast and very much correct. I thought it was later than the 70’s but checking on Youtube, looks like it. Thanks so much GG 😀

    1. You had all of the pieces – children, stones, British. LOL. All I did was put them together. And thank you for one of the fastest confirmation responses I have ever seen.

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