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Short story about a growing “splotch” or “ink blot” that kills

I know it’s not a movie, and I apologize, but I was wondering if you all could help me identify a sci-fi/horror short story I read decades ago (probably early 80s but it likely was in an anthology of older stories I checked out from the school library).  The story was basically about some sort of blotch/spot/ink splotch sort of thing that someone encounters (perhaps in a book or on a wall), which gradually grows each time it’s noticed, and is implied to consume a couple of people at the end.  What was interesting about it was that the story used little drawings of the changing splotch in-line with the text if I recall correctly… not like a typical illustrated story…  It was an unusual approach, and stuck in my head.

Sorry if these sorts of requests are forbidden, I just thought there may be some overlap and someone else may have encountered that one before.


Movie/Show with vampire fang ring

So this ties in somewhat with the “not really a vampire” one I posted yesterday that turned out to be the 1977 “Dead of Night” (thanks Livinghead for the solution to that one!)

In my flawed memory I blended these two together.  But I vaguely recall a movie or TV show wherein someone had a ring (possibly a “two-finger” fused ring) that had metal hooks on it (like fangs) and they were using it to gouge people on the throat…  I *believe* it was to fake a vampire as in the other movie, but perhaps they really were vampires and just liked doing it this way.

My brother says there was an episode of Highlander with something like that, but I really think I saw this in a vampire/horror movie at some point in time.

This one hasn’t nagged me as much as Dead of Night did over the years, but since I shuffled the memories together I figured I’d take a shot at this one too.


“Vampire” movie (or TV show) without a vampire?

For years I’ve been trying to remember something I would have seen on cable TV probably in the 80s.  I’m not sure if it was a scene from a movie or perhaps an anthology horror TV show.  From what little I remember it looked like it was set in England in the same period that a lot of Hammer horror was.  I don’t remember if there was a real vampire in the story at all or not, but I think not.  I basically just recall someone tricking a man into staking another man to death under the pretense that he was a vampire…

So I think the guy kills someone, then draws some blood from the neck with a syringe.  He then drugs or knocks out some other guy and ends up dumping him in a crate in the attic, and uses the syringe to leave trickles of blood from this guy’s mouth.  Then he goes and gets another person (an older superstitious man) and takes him up to the attic and is like “look!  a vampire!” so the other guy stakes him to death.

This has been a memory fragment of mine for a LONG time so I’d be very grateful for any help!  Thanks!