Movie/Show with vampire fang ring

So this ties in somewhat with the “not really a vampire” one I posted yesterday that turned out to be the 1977 “Dead of Night” (thanks Livinghead for the solution to that one!)

In my flawed memory I blended these two together.  But I vaguely recall a movie or TV show wherein someone had a ring (possibly a “two-finger” fused ring) that had metal hooks on it (like fangs) and they were using it to gouge people on the throat…  I *believe* it was to fake a vampire as in the other movie, but perhaps they really were vampires and just liked doing it this way.

My brother says there was an episode of Highlander with something like that, but I really think I saw this in a vampire/horror movie at some point in time.

This one hasn’t nagged me as much as Dead of Night did over the years, but since I shuffled the memories together I figured I’d take a shot at this one too.


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