Possibly an episode of Tales of the Unexpected? With a fish sandwich

Hi.  I have a vague recollection of something that I *think* may have been an episode of Tales of the Unexpected, or something similar (late 70s to early 80s seems right).  I’ve read through the synopsis of all episodes as given on wikipedia though and nothing rings a bell.  All I remember is what I think is the closing scene, with a man and a woman sitting down at a table for dinner.  They’re discussing someone else, who had died, and the implication is that foul play had been suspected but the woman is explaining to the man that it ultimately was determined to be due to natural causes… Some weird medical condition the deceased person had.  In my mind the person had two of a certain organ, maybe the pancreas?  But that may have just been my childhood interpretation, because I’m not sure why having two pancreases would be an issue.  The medical condition combined with fatty food (iirc) is what did him in.

The man is eating dinner while she’s talking.  She explains that it is an incredibly rare condition, but the man gets a look on his face as if he’s having some digestive discomfort, and I believe the implication is that he too has this medical condition and might not be long for this world.  I think either he is eating a fish sandwich or the dead guy was said to have been eating a fish sandwich…  I may be completely wrong but I’d swear a fish sandwich is in the conversation somewhere.  And two pancreases.  🙂

Thanks in advance for any help!

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