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Movie with biblical themes

I remember this movie was on some iteration of the Ebert review show with Ebert on it. It was possibly to do with the story of Noah’s ark. I remember a scene on what I think was an ark, or a wooden structure I think there was a window and outside was desert or maybe arid land. There are people staring down at a baby or possibly a child, and I believe these people are supposed to be Angels sent down to help the child. So if not Noah’s ark related maybe something biblical. Oh it was very artistic, visually. How it was lit and filmed.

Probably early 00’s.

Medieval setting, surreal thing on TV.

The Scene:

A boy from a village in a medieval setting goes to castle where the lady of the castle and her daughter/ young girl live. In the scene there is a buffet laid before the boy but it has all gone rotten. Possibly the whole place a kind of covered in spiderwebs. The lady and the girl derisively laugh at the boy. He goes back to his village. There is a scene, I think when it cuts to the village, where someone is throwing out a bucket of…well shit I think. To contrast the castle setting.


Details: Probably 90’s at the earliest, to early 00’s. I came across this channel surfing. It might have been on PBS or some educational type of channel. I don’t know if it was a movie or a series. The whole thing had a very surreal mood. I think the rotting banquet thing is kind of common but I haven’t found a scene that matches this. I clearly remember the cut to the scene with the bucket back at the village or whatever.

Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic Movie

The Scene:

Man in a trench coat (I think) has traveled to the future and is in a place that looks like a post apocalyptic Los Angeles. Lots of bombed out looking buildings, rubble, concrete, etc. He is there to fight some kind of mutant things, possibly robotic. I think one of the mutant robotic things looks like Krang from TMNT but on a floating disc thing, with little robotic arm things.

Details: Possibly 80’s/90s. I remember the color of the scene, everything had that blue tint that post apocalyptic movies sometimes do. I believe time travel was involved but possibly not. I don’t remember the hero. Some kind of rutger hauer type.