Medieval setting, surreal thing on TV.

The Scene:

A boy from a village in a medieval setting goes to castle where the lady of the castle and her daughter/ young girl live. In the scene there is a buffet laid before the boy but it has all gone rotten. Possibly the whole place a kind of covered in spiderwebs. The lady and the girl derisively laugh at the boy. He goes back to his village. There is a scene, I think when it cuts to the village, where someone is throwing out a bucket of…well shit I think. To contrast the castle setting.


Details: Probably 90’s at the earliest, to early 00’s. I came across this channel surfing. It might have been on PBS or some educational type of channel. I don’t know if it was a movie or a series. The whole thing had a very surreal mood. I think the rotting banquet thing is kind of common but I haven’t found a scene that matches this. I clearly remember the cut to the scene with the bucket back at the village or whatever.

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