Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic Movie

The Scene:

Man in a trench coat (I think) has traveled to the future and is in a place that looks like a post apocalyptic Los Angeles. Lots of bombed out looking buildings, rubble, concrete, etc. He is there to fight some kind of mutant things, possibly robotic. I think one of the mutant robotic things looks like Krang from TMNT but on a floating disc thing, with little robotic arm things.

Details: Possibly 80’s/90s. I remember the color of the scene, everything had that blue tint that post apocalyptic movies sometimes do. I believe time travel was involved but possibly not. I don’t remember the hero. Some kind of rutger hauer type.

7 thoughts on “Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic Movie

  1. “Dollman” (1991)?
    Now this one also stars Tim Thomerson and it also has the floating head thing and a bombed out L.A. and he wears a trench coat.

    1. The scene I described could conceivably be a lot of movies, but I’m gonna call this solved as Dollman. Something about that name tickled something in my memory and it mostly seems to fit. The head guy, trench coat, bombed out LA, red tint instead of blue tint. And the premise is weird enough that I would remember it.

      Thanks for this!

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