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Black and White. Orphan. Graves on a Prairie.

I just remember this one scene. It’s black and white, maybe from the 30’s or 40’s. And I remember it as two graves on a stark prairie (it looked as if it was filmed on a set). Two crosses, each with a large circle wreath. Well a child was looking on the graves from a window and it turns out that they are his/her parents. The child is now an orphan. And a great wind storm comes and batters those wreathes around until they’re ripped from the graves. There might have been some snow as well.

(Now this part might be just from my imagination, but the child might have been looking from a basement window)

For the longest time I thought it was “Citizen Kane” but I re-watched it recently and it wasn’t that movie. Any ideas?

WWII Dog Movie

It was an 80s-90s movie  about a German shepherd who chased the neighbors chickens and the family had to get rid of him, but then there was a call for war dogs and the dog is enlisted. This is a new program and it’s led by a pretty sergeant woman? There’s a wide variety of dogs and there paired up with a soldier and they run obstacle courses and sniff for bombs, ect. Well our German Shepherd washes out, but his soldier sneaks him in and trains him at night, until the sergeant lady catches them and he’s to be shipped out the next day. Soldier and sergeant lady have a thing for each other. But then the other dogs get food poisoning and German Shepherd is the only dog that can perform to prove to the higher ups that the program works. So he passes with flying colors and gets to stay. They go off to war and he sniffs out a bomb and takes a message to another troop under heavy fire and saves the day.

It was one of my favorite movies as a kids, so if anyone knows it I’d appreciate it.

Horror Movie of Boat Lost in Fog

I saw this movie on Tv when I was a kid. I think it was made in the 1950’s and it was in color. A group of passengers are stuck on a cruise/paddle boat surrounded by fog, sea monsters are terrorizing them, and they don’t know where they are. Someone gets killed by an octopus tentacle that comes through the porthole.

Near the end of the movie they land on a swamp island and there’s this cult with a boy as their leader. The main priest is dressed in white like the Ku Klux Klan. When the passengers try to escape back to their boat the boy says he wants to go with them, but the head priest stabs him in the back and the boy dies.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Woman is dying from a disease and father hires man to marry her

I believe I saw this on Turner Classic Movies it might be black in white  and in the 1950’s.

A rich business man’s daughter goes to the doctor and it turns out she’s going to die from a disease within the year. I don’t believe the father tells the daughter that she’s dying. Instead he calls in one of his employees, a young man, and asks him to marry his daughter and make her happy, it will only be for a year because she’s going to die and if he does he’ll leave the business to him. At first the young man refuses but then agrees, they get married, and he falls in love with her. Of course she finds out about her dying and the marriage arrangment and she calls up her father and reams him out, but at the end of the conversation she breaks down crying and thanks him.

I’d really like to re-watch this movie, so if anyone can help out I’d appreciate it.

Silent Film- Paralyzed Man -Turner Classic Movie

 I saw it a quite a few years ago on Turner Classic Movies on Silent Sunday. The theme was “Physical Handicaps Portrayed in Film” or something like that.

It’s a silent film, black and white, and I think it was made in the 1910-1930’s.

The story is about a young man who lives in a small forest village as a telegraph pole climber and he signs up for WWI and after the war he comes back in a wheel chair and is home bound, but he becomes the town handy man and inventor. A girl stars visiting him and he starts teaching her manners and cleans her up. She falls in love with him, but the mother disapproves because he’s in a wheel chair and she wants her to marry the rich healthy man of the village, but he’s really a bully. The paralyzed man decides he’ll talk the mother and try and convince her to let them marry. He practices all night walking on crutches but a blizzard comes in and he doesn’t make it in time. Then through sheer will power he starts walking and then running and he catches up to his love, beats up the bully, and gets the girl.

If you can think of the title I’d really appreciate it. Thanks 🙂