WWII Dog Movie

It was an 80s-90s movie  about a German shepherd who chased the neighbors chickens and the family had to get rid of him, but then there was a call for war dogs and the dog is enlisted. This is a new program and it’s led by a pretty sergeant woman? There’s a wide variety of dogs and there paired up with a soldier and they run obstacle courses and sniff for bombs, ect. Well our German Shepherd washes out, but his soldier sneaks him in and trains him at night, until the sergeant lady catches them and he’s to be shipped out the next day. Soldier and sergeant lady have a thing for each other. But then the other dogs get food poisoning and German Shepherd is the only dog that can perform to prove to the higher ups that the program works. So he passes with flying colors and gets to stay. They go off to war and he sniffs out a bomb and takes a message to another troop under heavy fire and saves the day.

It was one of my favorite movies as a kids, so if anyone knows it I’d appreciate it.

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