Woman is dying from a disease and father hires man to marry her

I believe I saw this on Turner Classic Movies it might be black in white  and in the 1950’s.

A rich business man’s daughter goes to the doctor and it turns out she’s going to die from a disease within the year. I don’t believe the father tells the daughter that she’s dying. Instead he calls in one of his employees, a young man, and asks him to marry his daughter and make her happy, it will only be for a year because she’s going to die and if he does he’ll leave the business to him. At first the young man refuses but then agrees, they get married, and he falls in love with her. Of course she finds out about her dying and the marriage arrangment and she calls up her father and reams him out, but at the end of the conversation she breaks down crying and thanks him.

I’d really like to re-watch this movie, so if anyone can help out I’d appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Woman is dying from a disease and father hires man to marry her

    1. Yes!! That ‘s it thank you so much! Now I just have to go buy and watch it all over again!

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