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Krupka the Magnificent!

I am trying to find out more information about a show that I must have seen sometime in the mid to late 70’s (possibly early 80’s).  I am positive that it was called “Krupka the Magnificent!” as there was a young character who kept jumping around yelling it.  I don’t remember anything more about the plot or action than that.  The show was in color and the language was English.  I have looked for more information about this show for years with no luck.  It may have been an after-school special type of program.  Sorry I can’t give any more than that.  Thanks!

Character with anger issues

Looking for a film that has the main character suffering from anger issues, and stops taking his medicine for it, and gets worse and worse. He has a wife that also happens to cheat on him with a friend I think, or it’s just a random guy. Anyway he ends up doing something bad, I can’t remember much. However his wife gets kidnapped. The film ends with him killing the guy she was having an affair with, and then him putting her taped up in the back of his truck and driving off.

Movie where characters have to cross a river that have heads as stepping stones

Characters must cross a river of dead people.  One character stares down at his reflection and sees a dead man.  Both characters must cross a river of heads as stepping stones.  I cannot remember the name or any other plot elements! PLEASE HELP!

[ Also Im pretty sure the character who was stepping on the heads was a girl and to be clear there were only about 10 heads that were perfectly lined up across to get to the other side of the river. The other character was a guy who looked in the river and saw a dead guy float up. I was thinking this movie could be a version of Alice and wonderland or one of the never-ending story movies, but I don’t think so.]

Man robs his place of work .

I have been trying to remember the name of a movie but can’t. I was hopeing you might recognize it. It’s in english but might be a foreign films. I watched it on TV about 20 to 30 years ago.
The plot was about a man whose wife and boss treat him badly but he still loves his wife. He comes up with a plan to rob the place he works so he can start a better life. His plan is to make it look like he was abducted and replaced by someone wearing a mask pretending to be him and commit the robbery. His other identity had a limp and walked with a cane and was more aggressive. By the end of the movie his planned worked and he got the money. The police found him tied up along with a mask of his and other thing to make it look like he was kidnaped and someone took his place. While it was him the whole time. But his wife had fallen in love with him in his other identity. She shots him in the leg to try and get him to leave in hopes the other him will come back. So he resumes the other persona now with a real leap and runs away with his own wife.

Man kills kids in a house, puts them on crosses and puts himself on one

I remember a very long time ago seeing a scene in a movie where a guy is in a house with some kids, and he kills them. Don’t know if he is the father but I remember he drowns a girl in the toilet, and a boy tries to fight back with a bucket I think. The boy dies and someone else gets killed as well. He hangs them up on crosses in a shed/shack looking place and ends up putting himself on a cross as well. Help arrives only to see the bodies. That’s all I remember.