Krupka the Magnificent!

I am trying to find out more information about a show that I must have seen sometime in the mid to late 70’s (possibly early 80’s).  I am positive that it was called “Krupka the Magnificent!” as there was a young character who kept jumping around yelling it.  I don’t remember anything more about the plot or action than that.  The show was in color and the language was English.  I have looked for more information about this show for years with no luck.  It may have been an after-school special type of program.  Sorry I can’t give any more than that.  Thanks!

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  1. I found the post below on another site. I’m not sure if it was made by you or not, but it almost certainly has to be about the same show. It has a lot of additional details. (Unfortunately, they didn’t help *me* at all, but they might help you or someone else.)

    This was a CBS Saturday Special or whatever they called it back in the 70s. This little kid (mabye just moved to New York, possibly Brooklyn, or maybe New Jersey) is deaf and doesn’t have any friends. He starts hanging out with a “tougher” kid, Nick, who is always saying, IIRC, “Krupka the Magnificent!” and then jumping off of things. They go to a dump and Nick jumps off something and gets hurt; the deaf kid runs back to town and finds this hippie dude with a guitar. The kid is making noises like “Nike” and “Neek” and the hippie says, in a very exaggerated way, “Hey, are you alright?” He eventually gets the message and Nick gets help and at the end, Nick and the deaf kid are walking down the street, away from the deaf kid’s mom, and the deaf kid is trying to say “Nick” and Nick says, “No, stupid, it’s NICK” and the mom looks like she wants to say something, but she decides that everything’s going to be OK.

  2. It’s called “That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out”, after another favorite saying of Krupka’s. I had the impression that this was a student film or dubbed-in foreign film. That program sometimes featured children’s films from behind the Iron Curtain, such as “Kapitan Korda”.

    1. Thank you all so much! I have tried to ID this movie for about 30 years and now it has finally been solved. Thanks again!

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