Low low budget post apocalyptic western

This was really low budget, no recognizable stars. Post apocalyptic western. Made within the last ten years. Man wakes up and rushes to his house and realizes raiders have taken something dear to him. We learn later it was his young daughter that was taken. He leaves through the main gate of this protected community on his own to find the gang in the wasteland. He’s imprisoned at an outpost but escapes and leaves with a gun. He gets help from an unlikely source in the final confrontation and rescues his young daughter in the big reveal.

5 thoughts on “Low low budget post apocalyptic western

    1. Wow Livinghead that isn’t the one BUT you’re answer was spot on to my description. Well done. One of the differences is in Blood Run (I finally figured it out) was that the daughter was a big reveal at the end. Up to that point you know it’s important but you’re not sure what they took. Or who.

  1. SOLVED! Blood Run. Good little low budget short. I found it on a Roku short film app to watch for free.

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