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And Yet Another Oldie

This has sexual content, if you need to censor, feel free.

This is a British TV movie, or an extended play I saw on television way back in the seventies or eighties.  A young man, tall and good-looking, upper middle class, is apparently very well-endowed.  He’s seeing a young lady from a wealthy family, who invite him to their home for dinner.  Her parents are more than happy with their relationship and for him to spend the night there.  She goes to his room, climbs into bed with him and says “I can’t take all that!”  He says “Take it or leave it, it’s the only one I’ve got.”  She says “I’ll take it”.  There’s an older man, a homosexual, where he works who hears about his size and shows an interest, but he’s out of luck.  The young man meets a young  woman  who works in a café, arranges to meet her and eventually kills her, I think just to find out what it’s like.  When interviewed by the police, they refer to the wealthy young woman as his fiancé.  He says “I wouldn’t say she’s my fiancé.  She gobbles me dry now and then.”


Another Oldie

I saw this one on tv probably in the seventies, so details are sketchy.  As I remember it, the title was a man’s first name, like ‘Martin’ or ‘Patrick’, almost certainly British and is about a thin oddball young fella who has a job at a company and manages to get on the wrong side of just about everyone because he lacks social skills and wants to be left alone.   He frequently uses the phrase “I would prefer….”  I think at one point he starts to sleep overnight on the premises because he has no home to go to. When asked why he doesn’t fire him, his boss acknowledges that he’s a problem but says “He’s so damned civil”.

Aussie Film?

I’m fairly sure this is a film and not a tv programme.   I also think it may be Australian and may feature Ray Barrett, although I may be wrong on all three counts, it’s so long since I saw it.

I remember one scene.  A man approaches a large house in its own grounds and finds a young woman sunbathing topless in the garden.  They exchange a few words and another man, her father I think, comes out of the house and asks what’s going on.  She says “He said he wanted to suck my tits”, trying to cause friction between them.  The two men speak and she says it again.

Should this be censored?  It’s a genuine query.

Anyone Remember This One?

I’m pretty sure this character is played by James Coburn, although I could be wrong.  He visits a young masseur to try to get information from him, tells him he’s been recommended because he’s got good hands.  The masseur doesn’t like the questions and digs into a leg nerve.  Main character hits the masseur afterwards to get even.

Young Soldiers

Probably an American film from the eighties or thereabouts, only scene I remember shows a bunch of new teenage army recruits sat around and being given an introductory speech.  One of them is extremely uncomfortable with the situation and starts saying things like ‘any one of you tries anything with me will regret it’ and ‘any of you queers better not come near me.’   The Instructor is saying how ‘we’ll all watch out for each other’ and one of them whispers ‘and maybe we won’t.’

Going Back A Bit

This could be as far back as seventies or eighties, can’t remember, but quite sure it was an American film rather than an episode of something.

Competent criminal teams up with a crime gang, some of whom aren’t competent.  One is called ‘Socks’ because he wears either white socks or brightly coloured ones.  Socks is told to go out and pick up some food, but doesn’t like the idea because the area is predominately black, he’s afraid of the ‘spooks’.  Competent criminal is asked to accompany him “so the spooks won’t get him”.  He’s later asked to whack Socks because he’s become a liability.

Remember Very Little

Anyone know this film?  Probably American, made decades ago, I only remember one scene.  Young man is talking with a cat.  The speech is in subtitles.  Cat mentions the name of a Chinese ‘leader guy’.  Man corrects the spelling of the Chinese name.  Cat says “You’re going to die”.

New York?

American film, probably early to mid seventies.  Middle-aged white cop is trying to pin something on young black man.  Eventually there’s a confrontation.  Black man says words to the effect that he’s hired white killers for a hit, if he doesn’t back off “they’ll kill you and your faggot son”.