And Yet Another Oldie

This has sexual content, if you need to censor, feel free.

This is a British TV movie, or an extended play I saw on television way back in the seventies or eighties.  A young man, tall and good-looking, upper middle class, is apparently very well-endowed.  He’s seeing a young lady from a wealthy family, who invite him to their home for dinner.  Her parents are more than happy with their relationship and for him to spend the night there.  She goes to his room, climbs into bed with him and says “I can’t take all that!”  He says “Take it or leave it, it’s the only one I’ve got.”  She says “I’ll take it”.  There’s an older man, a homosexual, where he works who hears about his size and shows an interest, but he’s out of luck.  The young man meets a young  woman  who works in a café, arranges to meet her and eventually kills her, I think just to find out what it’s like.  When interviewed by the police, they refer to the wealthy young woman as his fiancé.  He says “I wouldn’t say she’s my fiancé.  She gobbles me dry now and then.”


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