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Weird robbery scene in a pharmacy (70/80s?)

One day as a kid I was swapping between channels and I remember about this scene where a guy tried to rob a pharmacy (or store/something alike), but he threatened the woman by putting his gun literally into her vagina, and I think he even shot it at the end… After or between that, there was a bunch of guys in the middle of a gunfire (which reminds me Scarface for some reason). Any ideas?

classic 70’s Horror Anthology

70s or 80s horror film possibly an anthology, possibly made in the US I saw this mid 80’s on TV when I was a kid…..the scenes I think are as follows.

A TV advert is being filmed, a woman is singing with a cabin style house in the background, when looking through the rushes they zoom in on a window which shows a pair of red eyes looking out, also I think the film has a scene with a car crash caused by the windshield turning red & the passengers  come across shed or out building with rows of glass jars with possible body parts in them….

good luck guys


A children/family film.

A boy works in a shop and is then taken to an orphanage where the owner is a wrestler/boxer.

A scene where a woman character sings on the stairs while the owner jumps around the boxing ring.

The owner connects with the boy by placing a note with chocolate into his cell, he later brings up when walking in assembly line with another orphan. who says something along the lines if ‘there is no chocolate here’

At the end of the film the boy goes back to the shop and looks outside to see the the orphanage owner has now become a clown, from a poster on the side of a vehicle.



Girl Stalking Serial Killer

I remember a move that was sort of similar in the vein of american psycho where a girl was following a serial killer trying to get evidence on him and toward the end of the movie they end up fighting which is when the police investigate her apartment and she has the cliche big board of where he has been going and what he has been doing so as a twist they wind up arresting her for stalking the killer and the killer goes free.