classic 70’s Horror Anthology

70s or 80s horror film possibly an anthology, possibly made in the US I saw this mid 80’s on TV when I was a kid…..the scenes I think are as follows.

A TV advert is being filmed, a woman is singing with a cabin style house in the background, when looking through the rushes they zoom in on a window which shows a pair of red eyes looking out, also I think the film has a scene with a car crash caused by the windshield turning red & the passengers  come across shed or out building with rows of glass jars with possible body parts in them….

good luck guys

8 thoughts on “classic 70’s Horror Anthology

  1. I think you are mixing movies together. The part with the glowing eyes and TV commercial with a woman singing describes Something Evil (1972).

  2. Hi ,
    I’ve been searching a lot in the internet about a movie I’ve seen long time a go (probably 10 years ago) but I couldn’t find a source could you help me !
    The movie starts with a boy and his pregnant mother on a cruise , then the mother gives birth to a baby girl and dies the next day on the ship due to bleeding and her body was thrown into the sea , after that the boy and girl grew up and developed kind of feelings for each other that’s what I remember hope you could help me I’ll appreciate it a lot.
    (PS I probably think it was a foreign movie may be French or something not sure )

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