ASian action that was on Netflix

Was discussing a film I saw on Netflix a long time ago that was an Asian, live action film but had a lot of green screen and creative background animation. Sort of similar maybe two something like the film bunraku…

But there was a main character that ran around on the rooftops had a monkey that helped him steal and was in love with some kind of royalty or princess.

this is that type of film where someone sat down wash it once loved it and has never been able to remember the name or find it anywhere else.



  • the approximate date you saw it,- so long ago it was closer to when Netflix first started streaming.  Not just mailing DVDs. 
  • actors you might have recognized, no idea. But they had crazy big anime hair but the were live action actions… The hair reminds me of the characters in the game samurai shodown. 
  • whether it was in English or another language, Asian film. A couple of us discussed but can not remember. Has English dubbing. 
  • whether you saw it on TV (it might be a TV episode rather than a movie), Netflix streaming.
  • whether it was in color or black and white, and color. Lots of cgi 
  • anything else you can think of that might help pinpoint the film.

Amazing badass action sequences. Set in a world that seemed to resemble a mix of old feudal Asian architecture and modern. Lots of running around on roofs…  The background seems like paper like origami work sometimes. Reminds us of bunraku but in a sin City kind of way.




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