Action movie where they have a machine to show the future and people pay to see it – the main plot is a rush to escape a trap

I think I saw it around 2006 on TV, (it was a movie not an episode) it is in color and all I can remember of it is:

  • There is no time travel i think, just future predictions
  • I remember that it was some sort of a machine, and comon people have access to it by paying or something
  • I don’t remember what was the problem but something about the access to this machine (to your own future) was ruining the world and so the main character had to do something about it
  • At the beginning the main character (an action actor like tom cruise, but maybe NOT tom cruise) enters a building of some kind of companny (the one that have the watch-the-future machine) to work there. And there is a greenhouse in the center of the room, I remember that pretty well, there is this (I think blond) actress that greets him and will be his partner further in the movie.
  • The companny sets a kind of trap to this main character, he let clues to himself after having seen the future or something (I dont remember how, but he discover something, that he doesn’t know/remember at the beginning of the movie, and all the movie is a rush to escape the trap, using his own clues)
  • Another scene I remember well is that the girl I mentioned is in a bathroom of some apartment of theirs (or her) and after taking a shower she discovers a message on the mirror that the main character let there for her (they both was strongly watched at this point and it was the only way to not to be discovered)
  • I remember near the end of the movie the same scene of the greenhouse at the beginning was kind of empty with the prosecutors of the couple and they have a fight/escape scene in the same spot
  • I remember vagely that one of the clues he let for his past self was a paper with the number of an hotel or restaurant with a reservation by his own name
  • I can’t recall the actor sadly, however a movie that I think it could be similar to this one is Minority Report, but is not that one, I already checked… is the most similar I can guess.

6 thoughts on “Action movie where they have a machine to show the future and people pay to see it – the main plot is a rush to escape a trap

  1. It is that one!! thank you very much, I’ve searched all the internet looking for it but i was clueless. thank you SO MUCH. great people n_n

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