Funny movie (or serie?) where character goes in front of prop wall

Hey everyone! I’m looking for the name of a movie (or was it a serie?) from which I saw a couple of funny GIFs on the web.

It’s a police comedy I think, in english, color.

In one of the scenes I saw several times, all characters go from one room to the next (the camera follows them) and one of them casually goes around the prop wall instead of going through the door pierced into it.

In another scene (pretty sure it’s the same movie or serie), when the credits roll, all characters stop moving (mimicking the “freeze” on the last image that you sometimes have on end credits) and during the credits another actor casually enters the scene, revealing it wasnt a freeze.

Thanks in advance for your help!

4 thoughts on “Funny movie (or serie?) where character goes in front of prop wall

  1. “Policr Squad” ? It was a tv series in the 1980s that inspired the movie “The Naked Gun”. It had those same gags but I can’t remember which episodes.

    1. Many of the episodes are on Dailymotion. The freeze frame that wasn’t was a running gag as the credits went up. It wasn’t always the same gag, but the actors on camera would freeze up, then something would happen while they remained motionless.

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