Animated series name

I don’t remember much about this series except for a few things.

The main hero character was a small, talking, yellow frog-like creature with ears and a nose wearing purple pants who could jump real high anywhere almost like crazy and walk only on 2 legs like a human. And I’m not so sure but I think he lived with a human boy and some scenes took place within air vents most of the time.

I remember one episode where when he found himself in an elephant pen of a zoo with an elephant about to charge at him, he pulled, stretched, and shaped his face to look like a mouse to scare the elephant away.

Another episode had him babysitting another yellow creature of his kind only more mischievous and younger with hair and buckteeth wearing a shirt, glasses, and shoes (probably his nephew or baby brother) and within an air vent, riding a spider.

The rest is blank.

7 thoughts on “Animated series name

    1. No, it’s not.

      Besides, I’ve known Marsupilami both the Disney and the French ones since I was a child. Why would I ask about it?

      Plus, I never mentioned once that creature had a long, flexible tail and black spots because it doesn’t plus I did mention it had a frog-like face wearing purple pants, which the Marsupilami obviously doesn’t. Plus, I said “stretch its face”, not stretch itself or its tails.

      Thanks for trying though. Good luck next time if possible.

      1. You can’t expect Marc to know what you did or didn’t already know about from childhood. There’s no need to be snippy when someone can’t read your mind.

        1. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I’m a low-degree autistic. It’s in my nature to be like that sometimes.

      2. By that logic, you should have known to mention that it wasn’t Marsupilami in your main post. I’d say it Marc’s guess was as good as any.

        My guess is Mr. Bogus. There were both cel and clay animated versions.

        Please just answer whether it is or isn’t what you’re looking for and keep any other comments or criticisms to yourself. (You don’t have to type everything that you think.)

        Cheers everyone!

        1. Oh my God. That’s him. That’s the creature I was talking about. He looks just the way I remember him when I was a toddler.

          Mark “Solved”.

          PS: I’ll try to keep what you said in mind next time.

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