Western Movie with a fake gun duel

I am trying to find a movie that is set in the American old west. It is probably from the 70s and might have been a TV movie.

It is NOT “My Name is Nobody.”

Two older gunslingers have some sort of an issue but also respect each other a great deal. They are friends with a saloon girl/bar maid type woman. Somehow, it is decided they must duel. They face each other in the middle of a dusty, old timey street and one shoots the other, who falls over as if dead. As the townspeople move to help the fallen gunman, the other calls out and tells them to leave him alone. The survivor alone puts the man in the back of a wagon and drives off to bury him someplace isolated, presumably to bury him. The woman friend accompanies him. However, after their a safe distance from town, the “dead” man rises from the back and says something that makes them all laugh. I think that’s the end of the movie.

Any and all suggestions welcomed!

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