Animated girl finds out she’s a lizard person.

Hey so I only briefly remember this movie (or episode of a show I honestly don’t know). I remember being around 8 or 9 (so about 12 years ago) and watching what I’m pretty sure was Cartoon Network.

I only remember a few scenes and like, a side romantic plot. There’s this girl and something happens where she finds out she can transform into this lizard-like thing. I vaguely remember a point where she’s in her apartment and people break in, but she defeats them. And a point where she’s on a plane talking to another guy who has the same shapeshifting abilities (I think??).

The romantic plot was that she had a guy friend (normal human) who obviously liked her but she barely noticed him. Also during the plance scene mentioned above, the guy she was with mentioned something about her boyfriend or whatever, she says she doesn’t have one, and he gets this grin and rests his head on his hand while staring at her.


Like I said I barely remember this movie. I was young and it was more action than my mom usually allowed me to watch so I was flipping channels every time she walked into the room.

Please help me, I’ve been trying to figure out what this movie is for the longest time!!

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