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As we all know, there have been many 3 Stooges movies produced over the years before colored TV was invented. However, I’m looking for a specific one. I tried googling but no luck so far.

If anyone around here is a big fan of the 3 Stooges, then, please, let me know which 3 Stooges movie was the very first one where one of the Stooges (Moe probably) first spoke out the phrase: “I’LL MURDERIZE YOU!”

The last time I heard that phrase was in an Aladdin episode by Genie and a Bugs Bunny short by a dog bully but somehow, it was taken from the 3 Stooges according to Google.

So, please, take your time and let me know which 3 Stooges movie was the first one to use that phrase ASAP.

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  1. I can’t find any evidence Moe ever said that. I remember “I’ll murder you.” There is on YouTube a sound bite him saying that. But it looks like Moe more often said I’ll kill you instead. Murderize certainly isn’t a recurring line for the Stooges. I googled also and it looks like it is just some fans misremembering. In cartoons the first Tweety cartoon “A Tale of Two Kitties, a Lou Costello caricature cat says it in 1942. Robert Blake, still a child, says it in A Salute to the Marines in 1943. Yosemite Sam said it but his first appearance is in 1945.

    1. So, what you’re saying is that the line was first used in that Tweety short with those 2 cats based on and spoofing Abbott and Costello, right?

      1. Not necessarily. It is the first instance I found. But I am thinking it probably first appeared either there or an earlier Warner Brothers cartoon.

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