An old Russian war movie from the 70’s or 80’s (?)


I’m looking for the title of this Russian movie I found on YouTube something like 2 or 3 years ago and found one scene (the opening scene?) extremely interesting but decided to come back later to watch the full movie since I had not the time to do so at that moment. But I forgot to come back to it and, with the time going by, I lost the title of the movie, the link to the YT video and even a detailed memory of that particular scene I saw.

Yet, I remember this: In a snowy landscape (Siberia?), one Russian soldier encounters the body of a fellow soldier (or maybe his friend is killed right before his eyes, I’m not sure… anyway the camera shows a dead body) and, most importantly, the survivor soldier then finds in the snow a little box in form of a wooden chest.

That’s where I stopped watching (before I could see what was inside the box, because I wanted to keep the surprise for later) in the idea of getting back to it afterwards (which I never did).

I could also add that:
– the whole part of that scene I saw didn’t last longer than 5 minutes;
– I think there were English subtitles (on the YT version, I mean) but once again, I couldn’t be sure…;
– I couldn’t be sure either whether the movie was in black and white only or not since, the only scene I saw was taking place in the snow… I kinda remember the box was brown, though… So I’d say it was a color movie;
– I was almost certain it was one of the two Dva kapitana “Два капитана” movies but I skimmed through them and, unfortunately, I could see no such scene as the one I just described…
Два капитана:
Два капитана 2:

So, does it ring any bell to anyone? ;-P

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