Alien movie

Hey for a while now I have been trying to remember which movie I only remember one scene of, it was a alien sort of movie, it had a brown cockroach looking alien, the scene was a bunch of soldiers fighting off the aliens and the alien bitten one of the soldiers, the rest of his crew ran and one soldier went back to get him his friend or something and he managed to get him


It was in color, it was in english, and it wasn’t an old movie



I remember another scene, I’m not 100% if its from the same movie, the scene is the commander of one of the soldiers, asking if he can aim or if hes a good soldier or whatever, the solider reply’s with yes, the commander tells him to go next to a wall and put his hand up, then the commander throws a knife directly to the center of his hand, then the solider gets evicted to the medical bay and commander proceeds with his speech or whatever

if that scene is not from the same movie, and you know the second scene, I would like the name of it too, it was in color and in English obviously

Thanks in advance for any help I can get

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