Sci-fi TV movie from the 80s, I think

Hey all,

I’ve been trying to figure out what this movie is for a very long time now.  The only two scenes I remember from it were that the ‘aliens’ were able to use some sort of ability on humans that would absorb all the water in their bodies, and they would shrivel up on the spot.  A particular scene showed a person’s feet shriveling up and retracting into his pants, until the body was gone and the person had turned into a ball of white light, like a soul, about the size of a basketball.

Another scene I recall was one of the aliens leading a line of these ‘soul spheres’ alongside their ship or some structure they’d built, that I think was in the desert, or in some sandy place.

It was in English, and in color.

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  1. The entire movie is on YouTube, but I found this tribute video and it shows a kid being shriveled up and then forming into a glowing sphere at 1:08:

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