Alien and Monster Movies

Two Movie: I remember this movie with a man who had this device or machine that works with a satellite that can pick up alien sounds, it’s like the whole movie is based upon picking up alien sounds and I can remember there’s a boy always with him watching what hes doing.           [SOLVED: The Arrival]

Second One: A man went on a large field and he saw a space or alien thing and he touched it and something either bite him or crawl into his skin and turned him in a monster-plant looking thing that made his hand look funny, boneless and lanky,there’s a scene in it where he put his wife on a bed in a white dress and when she found out that he turned into this thing she wanted to accept him like that but he didn’t agree because he’s not the same.

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      1. Happy to help, it’s one of my favourite movies and I just watched it again recently so it was still fresh in my mind 😀

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