Affair, murder,

I’m looking for the title of a movie that I jut can’t remember. Murder, affair, mistaken identity, plastic surgery, events that don’t add up.

Some Time in the 199os, 1992-1994 Saw on laser disk. LOL

English Language 99% sure it was an American movie.

Laser Disk/VHS


Twist Ending. This movie opens with an iconic car crash off a coastal cliff. A man wakes up having had lots of reconstructive surgery and having memory loss. Turns out he is very rich, and his wife takes him home.

Nothing adds up, the memories don’t jive. He starts looking for answers.  One of the family a woman indicates he was her lover also and he is not who he thinks he is.

Eventually, he discovers he has asthma and he also finds a body in a ship, that looks like his own body. The ship contained chemicals that preserved the body rather than dissolved it.

The twist was the man was the lover, and the wife had her husband killed and arranged for her lover to take his place.

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