moving severed hand in a glass box

I only recall a few things from the end of the movie but it is driving me crazy. I remember there was a man and a woman who were traveling to different worlds or dimensions. Her goal was to bring back proof to our world of the weird stuff in these places.

At the end of the movie the guy is left behind and she returns with proof in the form of a severed hand that is alive and moving inside of a glass box. She is sitting before a group of some kind of research scientists. While they are asking her about her experiences and the hand, She gets some sort of message from the guy who was left behind. One of the researchers asks what she is doing now and she says “I’m going back”.

I also vaguely recall the scene before she gets the hand. They are in a castle and there is a guy with a watch with piano wire hidden inside who tries to strangle one of them.

I have tried searching for this movie off and in over the years but no luck. I saw it on local tv one Sunday morning when I was a kid in the 90s if that helps.  Thanks

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  1. Here is part of the synopsis describing the finale from Wikipedia.

    Mark plans to gather evidence of the reanimated dead to bring back to the real world as proof of Sarah’s story in court. After several failed attempts and being lost in one world after another, they battle with an evil sorcerer and Mark is able to send Sarah home with an animated zombie hand as proof of her story. Unable to return with her, Mark instead arranges to have another compass delivered to Sarah after her trial ends so she can rejoin him.”

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