a wildlife adventure movie based either in Africa or a desert island

all I remember was that I saw the movie back in the early 90s and remember the cast members speaking in American accent, well most of them, and one of them was a boy of African descent, of maybe 11-12 years.

A bunch of decent but naive tourists, including the boy and a priest who I think was not American, were somehow taken in a plane ride by some rotten smugglers or head hunters and abandoned somewhere in Africa or a desert island. While looking for a safehouse, the boy stumbles across an abandoned mansion, but finds it filled with wildlife mainly prides. But when they all come to the mansion somehow there is no sign of the animals.

There is also a gruff truck driver named Butch who became their only hope of rescue alongwith a jungle lass who cannot speak human and keeps riding an elephant. The animals turn up in the climax and helps the brave tourists in fighting the smugglers who for some reason return to murder the former.

Finally the movie had an 80s feel about it in picture quality and camera techniques.

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