a wildlife adventure movie based either in Africa or a desert island

I had already written this once, but do not understand how everything was simply wiped away from your memory.

Anyways a bunch of tourists, mainly Americans including a boy of 10-11 years of African origin and a European priest are abandoned by plane on a desert island or anywhere deep inside Africa by vicious head-hunters or smugglers. The boy in search of a safehouse, enters a deserted mansion but finds it filled with lion prides, elephants and other wildlife; but when they all enter it later, they find it empty.

A gruff (American) truck driver, called (something like) Butch becomes their only hope of rescue along with a jungle lass in scanty garb who cannot speak human and rides elephants. In the end, the animals return and help the brave tourists to fight off the smugglers/head-hunters who for some reason have returned to loot/slaughter the former. Butch and small boy opt to remain on the island with jungle lass even after getting a free air ticket.

Finally I saw this movie in the 90s and the movie had an 80s quality picture and shooting technique.

Now kindly save my post and help me find the movie name!

7 thoughts on “a wildlife adventure movie based either in Africa or a desert island

      1. please ignore my above comment, your description seems spot on! I had no idea it was a German movie, the dubbing was AAA+ rate then. No other movie I had come across comes even close to this description. I will post ‘Solved’ after watching it again, and may share another obscure movie description. Many thanks!

          1. yes this is the movie.

            The problem is I cannot find English subtitle for the movie anywhere. Can any of you help me find one for the whole?

    1. no, I have found the movie and you can mark it Solved.

      The fact is I do not understand German, so am looking for English subtitles. If any of you can find the same kindly post the link here.

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