old 70s-80s movie that has old lady killer

I watched this movie around late 70s -early 80s when I was young. it aired on a Canadian tv station if that matters. like most folks I remember bits and pieces of it. The story basically centres around this normal old lady (that turns out to be a killer). In one scene I think she poisons some ones cat. I remember throughout the movie her disturbing laugh in the foreground as different victims were found. One scene sticks out of a person hanging and you can her the old ladies laugh echoing throughout. However the scene I remember most is at the end when the old lady is lying in a casket or bed (supposedly dead) and a man walks in who I think was a main character. He stands over her, then turns and begins to walk away when she springs up and starts stabbing him while laughing that menacing laugh. Something about the weapon she used to stab also. I cant remember if it was a knife or some kind of spike. Funny how these movies haunt you when you see them as a child

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  1. Yep, just saw the ending on youtube, this version is in French, but you can see the old lady stabbing the protagonist at 1:26:00, and she has the creepy laugh. It also had the poisoned cat and the hanging girl. Here is the movie.

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