A team of researchers exploring the bermuda triangle

So, the movie begins with a ship who’s majority of crew members suddenly die in a particular part of the ocean, the surviving crew members are all in shock and are refusing to leave the ship. The owner of the shipping company finds and hires a group of 4 or 5 people of different fields and orders them to go and explore that place. They go there(possibly in the bermuda triangle) in a submarine and everything is working fine until the submarine captain spots an old US ship that drowned long time ago and suddenly their submarine faces some technical issue due to which they start losing their oxygen and resurface immediately only to find out they are in a completely different place. One of the author says “Anybody have a theory on this?” and the movie ends

It’s an old movie but not too old, it was colored.

I do not remember any actor/actress in it.


5 thoughts on “A team of researchers exploring the bermuda triangle

      1. This name came across my screen so many times but I ignored it thinking it was a movie. Now that you told me I know it’s a series.
        Thanks a lot…

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