A movie about a couple being tested


First of all forgive me if my english won’t be perfect, i’m not a native. So i really don’t remember much about this movie, both me and my girlfriend watched it some time ago (like couple years ago) on tv. I do not remember any actors, their faces anything but i do remember quite a few details.
So basically

even tho it’s about a couple it was not a romance. A couple that i think was about to get married got kidnapped by someone i think, some kind of weird organisation maybe? They were held in separate rooms. A girl had like 2 buttons yes and no and was being asked some questions by someone via speakers, like do you trust or do you know… ‘your lover’ (i don’t remember their names). Bothe were kinda like tested? like for example a girl was given a choice if she’d like to give water to the guy (they were keeping his room heated) and loose her sleep (they would turn on a super bright light in her room) or would she like to drink it herself. Gilr and the guy could not contact themselfs btw. The ‘organisation’ was showing some kind of footage of the guy starting the relationship for money and stuff. I also remember the ending, there was like a 3rd guy there and the boyfriend had to shoot him to save himself and the girl. After that they woke up in their bed the next day, thinking it all could be a dream but they finally like knew each other?

I know it’s not much but this movie is on my an my gf’s mind for quite a long time now as it was kinda weird but for some reasn enjoyable to watch and i would love to finally find it and rewatch it.

If anyone recall any titles that could match this short description of mine, please share it, you’ll be offically our favourite guy/girl!


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