A Lab Prison and a Alien movie

Two Movies: First One: This one is like an experimental lab prison where there is alot of people dress in full white or silver and a man and a woman escaped, it’s like they were locked up there and wasn’t allowed to go outside, there’s another scene in it where I think the woman gave another lady bacon or some other food when they were at the cafeteria, when they escaped to the outside world they didn’t know much of what was going on because they shut away from the real world.         [SOLVED: The Island]                                                  Second One: This one is like an alien movie where the thing feeds off or is attracted to light or electricity and it’s like it can make things move too, there is two scenes I remember from it.  Scene 1: The little girl was sitting on the floor beside her bed with a pillow or Teddy bear and the wind was blowing and swaying the trees and she told her brother not to leave her but it’s like he was afraid and left.                                                                                                           Scene 2: when the thing took away the little girl and trapped her in another dimension her parents wanted to go for her but her brother said no he will go because he left  her alone.                                                                   Didn’t like how it end but maybe it has a part 2, In the end they got back the little girl but when they were leaving in the car the thing turned it over and took back the little girl.

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