A boy, a girl, and an old man act out plays in an old theater

I remember watching an animated movie in the years 2009-2015. I don’t remember the name or any of the actors of the movie, but I remember a lot about it.

First off, it was animated, and in 2d. It wasn’t super high quality, the people/things looked like silhouettes (you couldn’t see their faces or exact clothing details, but you could see the shadows of them).

Second, it was about a boy and a girl acting out these “plays” in an old theater owned by an old man, who may have been their grandfather. There was also an owl in the theater, and it looked at the camera and hooted whenever they changed from one “play” to another.

Third, to change from one costume to another, they stood on a sort of platform thing. It “scanned” them, and the silhouettes of the clothes they described appeared on their bodies.

The plays/plots I remember are as follows :

Boy gets put in prison (wrongly accused of stealing a necklace, I think), but gets pitied by a princess and she takes him food/clothing. However, the good princess’s evil sister tries to marry the boy when he gets out of prison. When he refuses/realizes she’s the evil princess, she curses him to be a wolf. Boy then eventually gets freed by the good princess.

Boy finds himself in a city of gold, but an evil dragon rules the city. The dragon gives the people gold, but only if they sacrifice the most beautiful maiden to the dragon every month/year. Boy eventually slays dragon and marries the girl, who was the most beautiful at that time.

Boy is in Africa/similar place and likes to play the drum, but is shunned for doing so. The girl’s father is the clan/tribe chief and is dying from illness. Boy gets thrown out of clan/tribe, but saves an old medicine man from a leopard/big cat. Old medicine man teaches boy how to play drum, which ends up healing the sick clan/tribe chief. The drum also makes the clan/tribe unbeatable in battle.

Boy is an adventurer in a strange land where he crawls through a tunnel and gets put in prison. He has to choose/marry one of the king’s three daughters, but he doesn’t know which one. A bee flies around the head of the correct daughter because he fed the bee earlier in the tunnel. He also gets help from other monsters he met in the tunnel/cave.

There may have been more, but it’s been years since I saw the movie. The entire film was in English, and it was a bit over an hour long [maybe 1 hour 30 minutes].

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