Small time travel film with two friends

It was, I believe, a small indie film in English that takes place in some woods. There are two guy friends, one of whom has a handheld camera that he uses to record they’re little “adventure”. As they walk through the woods, they find a house with no one in it, and one of the guys sees something move on the side of the house I think. After they leave the house they find an abandoned building or facility and enter into it. After doing so, one of them walks into a room with a laptop/computer and the screens brightens until he is in the past. They both find each other and exit the building and walk around the woods again to find themselves from the past (what I had watched earlier on in the movie) and decide to joke around with themselves, which explains some scenes such as one of them getting hit on the head with a rock and the “thing” they saw at the house. I believe the future versions of themselves got into the house and left through the 2nd story window. I thought I remembered the name as “Rewind” but I couldn’t find anything related to this movie.
Thanks to anyone who can identify this, it’s been nagging me for a while now.

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    1. This is it, thank you for the help. I thought the title was something close to rewind but I couldn’t find anything using the full word and didn’t think about using just RWD.

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