2 thoughts on “Mistakenly Receives Hot Guy Personal Robot Maid Instead of Hot Girl, Comedy Ensues, Gayish Asian Film

  1. “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”(2017- ) it’s an 8 part mini-series.

    ‘A nerd named Ah-Zhai lives in China and travels to Japan to follow the girl he likes. Once there he ends up ordering a male LUV robot, named Adam, who is programmed to love him. Not able to get a refund, he ends up obtaining an older model female robot, named Eve, but modeled after his crush. LUV robots are programmed to love the first person they see once ‘unboxed’. When Eve arrives she accidentally ends up seeing Adam first and is programmed to love him instead of Ah-Zhai. Now he must try to live a normal life while being in a love triangle with two robots…’

    Here’s a trailer, but you can find full episodes on youtube:

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