Mistakenly Receives Hot Guy Personal Robot Maid Instead of Hot Girl, Comedy Ensues, Gayish Asian Film

This straight single asian guy ends up getting the wrong gender personal robot maid delivered to his apartment from his dad.

Somewhere near the beginning of the film he dreams of a hot and sexy (female) robot maid. Also near the beginning, he tries to throw out his hot male robot companion, but ends up in a misunderstanding with his female neighbour (and her friend), whom he has a crush on. They are shocked to think that he has a boyfriend/he’s gay (the robot completely looks human and is an attractive asian man). The movie ends with the man/robot getting replaced with a female version (the version he had that wet dream about in the beginning).

I think the show is Asian (ie. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc.)

It’s a movie I watched probably around 2-3 years ago. It’s possible that I initially watched/found this on YouTube. I think it was titled with an implication that it was a gay film though really it wasn’t, it’s more like queerbait.

There’s no actual/explicit gay sexual attraction portrayed by either the main character nor the robot (because it has no feelings), however the eager subservience and the attention and effort the man/robot gives into taking care of the main character provides the gayish tones that I have stated.

The fact that I haven’t found the title of this movie is really fucking up my mental wellbeing hahahaha…


Help me.

Im gonna need therapy if I keep trying to find this movie.




6 thoughts on “Mistakenly Receives Hot Guy Personal Robot Maid Instead of Hot Girl, Comedy Ensues, Gayish Asian Film

  1. “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”(2017- ) it’s an 8 part mini-series.

    ‘A nerd named Ah-Zhai lives in China and travels to Japan to follow the girl he likes. Once there he ends up ordering a male LUV robot, named Adam, who is programmed to love him. Not able to get a refund, he ends up obtaining an older model female robot, named Eve, but modeled after his crush. LUV robots are programmed to love the first person they see once ‘unboxed’. When Eve arrives she accidentally ends up seeing Adam first and is programmed to love him instead of Ah-Zhai. Now he must try to live a normal life while being in a love triangle with two robots…’

    Here’s a trailer, but you can find full episodes on youtube:

    1. Do the actors change somewhere along the series because I’m highly confident those are not the actors in the film im thinking of. haha thats so funny that theres something elese already out there with the same kind of story

    2. YESS I found it! Worm Max (2015)

      I saw it under the recommendations for “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” in mydramalist.com

      How do I mark this as solved?

    1. Hahah I’m so relieved.. This unresolved memory has been in the back of mind for about a full year now, I’m so glad I found it hahah. I can move on 🙂 I’m a little OCD about these things. So glad this website exists! super surprised to see someone actually reply to this a day after I posted it.

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