80’s (or 90’s) movie with young girl who becomes a singer?

I saw this movie in the mid-late 90’s on vhs that was rented from the video store.  All I remember is that there’s a girl, who’s possibly kind of shy and a guy friend who start a band together.  They’re fairly young, maybe highschool or jr high.  The only scene I can recall was towards the end where they’re playing in front of a large crowd  like warped tour style or something.  The chick is on the keyboard and the dude is on another instrument (can’t remember which one, maybe drums?) but she’s moving her arms and dancing at the keyboard (I remember specifically that she does a spin in between notes).  Other small things I’m trying to recall are that the girl has brown hair, and it’s an older movie, more so probably from the mid 80’s.  I so wish I could remember more because I really liked that movie,  it rocked when I was a kid.



3 thoughts on “80’s (or 90’s) movie with young girl who becomes a singer?

    1. Close, but no dice. The kids are younger, but they could be brother and sister. I can’t remember! grrrr


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