Sci fi movie with mutants in space

I don’t remember if it was a movie or TV special. Probably made in the early two thousands or very late nineties. Also I haven’t seen it since I was a kid so the info might be off but you’ll get the idea. Basically earth sent all these people with these different mutations to be quarantined in a space station. I think Ron Perlman is a main character, probably wrong. Also the main guys girl looks normal but the parts of her body not exposed by her outfits are like transparent and you can see her organs and inside bits and stuff.  Sometimes the people get suicidal and ram their heads into the wall until they die while everyone else ignores them and goes about their business. At one point this astronaut comes from Earth like hey I’m a super nice guy, we have a cure or like you guys can come down now,  but I need something from you…  so there’s a debate on whether not to do something for this guy blah blah I don’t remember. I think they kill a member of their mutant space society in all the commotion. Like Lord of the flies kind of killed him. Turns out everyone on earth is all mutated too including the astronaut guy but he needed something from them to satisfy the interest of whoever he worked for on earth. The main guy instigated the whole situation and it went bad so he became really bummed out. Just wanted to live like the normal people do on earth with his girl. I think it ends with the protagonist running his face into a wall until he dies. I’d really like to see this movie again. Captain?

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  1. It was an episode of Masters of Science Fiction called “The Abnormals”, I think written or hosted by Harlan Ellison in 2007.

  2. Sorry, the episode was called “The Discarded”. It was written by Harlan Ellison, and starred John Hurt.

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