Thriller movie in rural town that turns into vigilante story

Ok, so there’s this thriller movie that I’ve been trying to think of, but just can’t. The plot is a little vague for memory, so please forgive me if I get some of it wrong. So the plot goes something like a man, wife and child live in a small rural house. They receive a phone call and I believe a visit from the man who just got out of jail for many years. The husband tells the man to leave them alone. I can’t remember why the ex-convict goes after the husband and family, maybe the man is the one who put him away. Anyway, eventually, the family has the cops sit at their house at the end of the driveway, but the ex-convict sneaks into the house because he goes through the woods. He watches their kid sleep and then sneaks out the window. I think later, he may have stolen something. I can’t remember. The husband has the wife and child leave to be somewhere safe. The husband then tries to go after the ex-convict. This is where the plot gets really fuzzy to me. All I can remember is that, eventually, the husband and another man, perhaps the convict, end up staking out a possibly x-rated movie rental store. They come to find out that the store is a front for human trafficking and then go to a home in the suburbs. They wait for the men to leave in their van. They go inside to investigate and find a video called “batting practice.” The man watches it while the father searches the house. The father comes back in to see the video and goes ballistic. Later on, the find where they are shooting these “videos” and go to kill them all. In a weird twisted ending, one bad guy turns out to be the father of someone else, but he shoot him with the shot gun, anyway. What is the name of this movie?!

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