80’s horror movie

Hi, i saw a horror movie on VHS when i was about 10, i can’t remeber almost anything about it only that it gave me chills and in the end the man or women escaping the monster in a warehouse? tries and sucedes to kill the monster by throwing a cola? can to a switch that activates an automated door that closes and kills the monster. I know its not much but im serching this since forever. I saw another movie after that witch i could track down, its caled Tremors. Thanx in advance 😉

3 thoughts on “80’s horror movie

  1. The full movie is on YouTube. I watched the ending and there is a man and woman chased by a monster in a warehouse and the monster is killed by a press, but I didn’t see a coke can?

  2. Graveyard Shift (1990) ends with a character throwing a soda can at a piece of industrial machinery, turning it on and chewing up the monster rat-bat.

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