Live-Action and Weird Animation Crossover Fairytale

Hi, Everyone.

I think I saw this movie in the early to mid 90’s but I have no clue when it actually might have come out.  It is a children’s movie where an evil witch is trying to flood the kingdom for some reason and so this poor man volunteers to be the one to plug the hole that she has created with his own body.  His only request is to have the princess keep him company while the water rises.  She feeds him grapes and wine, but as the water rises, the wine spills around him.  Obviously, she falls in love with him during this time, so she pulls him out of the hole and, somehow, I think this drowns the witch or something.  Also, she has a cat.

I remember the movie as mostly live-action but with snippets of a weird sketchy sort of animation interspersed.  I am pretty sure that this movie does exist because I have confirmation from a childhood friend, but neither of us can remember anything else.  Please help.

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