80’s Fantasy film – Crushed by closing spiked walls?

I remember One scene from a film i watched when i was a child. Only one scene, out of the whole film, but it’s bugged me for years!

All i remember is it would have been a Fantasy type film, late 70’s/eary 80’s, and there were 3-5 people trying to escape from a stone room. At some point in the scene somebody set off a trap which meant 2 of the walls in the room  started moving inwards. These 2 walls were covered in long spikes, and the walls closed up, piercing the 3-5 people that were trapped. That is where my memory ends, and i cannot remember whether something happened so the people survived, or whether the walls continued closing in and killed all the poeple……i can’t rememeer the film, and other scenes, or any of the characters (I would have been 7-9yrs old, 20+ years ago!)

Any ideas!? I know it’s a very, very long shot, but it could put and end to years of wondering!

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  1. Anyway to bump this? I have the exact same memory and remember the spikes piercing one guy’s abdomen. It wasn’t Krull… That was just flat walls crushing the cyclops dude (I never watched Krull, only just now skimmed it to see if that was it). This was specifically what the OP said, several guys, spiked walls, and they don’t make it out. I was very young and also can’t remember anything else.

    1. I had the exact same memory. I just watched Krull start to finished and the scene is in it. Spiked from the walls come in and 3 guys are stuck. The spikes stop so one guy moves to grab something but the spikes start moving again. The guy gets impaled. It’s around 20mins from the end. Mark Fowler from eastenders is one of the 3 in the spikes room…. insane.

      1. THANK YOU! I think that’s it, this specific scene you mention 20 minutes from the end… Not exactly how I remember but my memory is from a single viewing from over 30 years ago, and something about the spike piercing the guy’s brown leather shirt and then him is strikingly familiar.
        I forgot I even posted here… Found it again trying to find this scene again!

  2. Kind of reminds me of an episode in the 1966 Batman TV series, The Purrfect Crime, where Batman and Robin are trapped inside a room in Catwoman’s lair; two of the walls are lined with spikes (which turn out to be made of rubber!), and the walls start closing in on them… Robin gets down on the floor and Batman is standing wide-legged over him and bracing his arms/hands on the walls.

  3. Glad you found your movie, Rich, but unfortunately the original poster has yet to find his, so this one is still an open question.

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