70’s movie bleeding portrait of a woman

I saw a movie sometime between 1974 and 1979, it was in english and color.  In the movie there was a large ornate portrait of a woman, towards the end of the movie someone stabs the portrait and it starts to bleed, I’m pretty sure I saw it on HBO.   This is all I can remember I’ve been looking for this one for 30 years.  I have ruled out picture mommy dead, the ghost and mr chicken and color me blood red.

3 thoughts on “70’s movie bleeding portrait of a woman

  1. I check a few sides and the only thing that keeps coming up is theater of blood with Vincent Price. Is it specify that particular scene but every search I did brings up that movie and also the ones that you mentioned as well.

  2. I don’t know if this came through but I’m gonna try again. The searches that I did brings up a movie called theater of blood with Vincent Price 1974. I’m not sure if that’s the movie you’re looking for because plot didn’t mention anything of that scene but it’s the only movie that keeps coming up in addition to the ones that you’ve already mentioned. Please let me know.

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